Hello, Lovelies!

Thank you for visiting.  I am going to really try to get in the habit of posting here regularly so you can keep up in present time if that’s your desire.  So, right this minute, I am in Stowe, Vermont, sitting in a really comfy grey velvet chair, reading an enjoyable book called “The Last American Man,” by Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat Pray Love” fame, with the snow falling outside my window.  I am working on a new play and it is historical fiction which is a first for me.  Very exciting!  I am falling in love with the characters as they are coming to life more and more each day.  I write to write.  That is where the joy is for me.  Will you get to see the new play?  I’m not sure.


Finally, here’s a quote I like:

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.


Be well.  With Love.