Happy New Year one and all.  

2020 is looking to be busy (by my standards) and fun (by anyone’s standards!)

For Gingerbread Amy, I have booked several demos and I’m really looking forward to speaking at the 2020 conference for Programs for New Hampshire Family and Consumer Sciences.  Also, a beautiful New Hampshire-based magazine just photographed my workshop for the 2020 Holiday issue.  We had a great time and I’m very grateful for the time and attention.  I love all things small and cozy and I think they captured the perfect images.  I will post after publication!

My book, The Tao of Gingerbread House Design + Construction is available as a PDF only.  If you really want it, let me know and I will send details.  10 printed copies exist so keep your eye on eBay.  

Meeting Gg is very excited about supporting this great group: Angel Faces.  Can you think of anything more perfect?  Gg literally is the only face because she is purely spirit.  I never allowed her body to be drawn for that reason.  I would not enter the body war  Americans wage against themselves and I protect Gg’s place as spiritual.  God is good.

I’m still planning to launch my stand-up comedy career when I turn 80 so I take classes once in a while from Kelly MacFarland and last time I performed, some said I opened for Janeane Garofalo.  I don’t 
know about that, but it was a blast beyond description!

I will write again next year if not sooner!  In the meantime, I’m easy to reach and happy to talk.

With Peace and Love.