I am once again sitting in the grey velvet chair.  I wasn’t so cheery recently with a lot of garbage clogging my spirit.

I am alone in the house.  Ten minutes ago, heard a knock (which is weird because I don’t know the neighbors) but I thought I’d check the front door anyway.

There, through the glass, just below the holiday wreath, I saw the most precious child wearing a green felt hat.  A true angel!  And, guess what, she was visiting with her mother to talk to me about God, my favorite subject.

I welcomed them in and what fun we had together!  I happened to have a gingerbread house on hand and, with her name being Greta, felt she might like it.  She did!

Sometimes loved ones try to hurt me by saying things like:  Amy’s all in until the fun and games are over.  Once it’s work, she’ out.  Or:  It must be nice to have such an easy life.

They are right.  It is nice to have such an easy life and I’m all about fun.  The truth is, life is easy for everyone.  If you wake up, your heart is beating and you are not doing a thing.  That’s life.  Your heartbeat.  Your breath.  It’s a gift given to you by…

I’m enjoying it.  I’m grateful to the Giver of Life.